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Zhou Youguang
Khánh Duy
Jan 12th 2018 11 views
Zhou Youguang
New 10
Jan 13th 2018 125 views
searchengineland 01/13/18 02:35:04pm

Zhou Youguang Google doodle honors Chinese linguist known as the ‘Father of Pinyin’

Youguang's work helped bridge multiple Chinese dialects into a written language. The post Zhou Youguang Google doodle honors Chinese linguist ... 01/12/18 11:15:00am

A doodle celebrating Zhou Youguang and the ABCs of learning Mandarin

... As anyone who has studied the language knows, it’s difficult remembering the pronunciations of thousands of characters! Thanks to Zhou Youguang’s ...

npr 01/14/17 03:52:00pm

Zhou Youguang, Architect Of A Bridge Between Languages, Dies At 111

In the 1950s, the linguist — then an "amateur" — helped create a system to Romanize Chinese writing. Zhou's system helped boost literacy and ...

yahoo news 01/14/17 10:57:27am

Zhou Youguang, father of Chinese Romanization, dies at 111

BEIJING (AP) — Zhou Youguang, a linguist considered the father of modern China's Pinyin Romanization system, died Saturday at the age of 111. ...

nytimes 01/14/17 10:08:16am

Zhou Youguang, Who Made Writing Chinese as Simple as ABC, Dies at 111

Mr. Zhou created the Pinyin system of Romanized Chinese, which vastly increased literacy in China and eased the agonies of foreigners studying ... 02/27/14 11:00:00pm

Shanghai dialect locked in tug of war with Mandarin
Shanghai dialect locked in tug of war with Mandarin

The term Lao Niang Jiu, or old uncle, a well-known character in Shanghai folklore, is frequently used by the city's residents to describe prying ...

pinyinpal 03/08/13 06:29:58pm

Dr Adeline Yen Mah creator of PinYinPal meets Zhou Youguang the founder of Pin Yin

Because each Chinese word is a picture, there is no association between Chinese words and their pronunciation. Pinyin gives each Chinese character ... 07/20/10 04:59:40pm

Li-ching Chang, 1936-2010

Li-ching Chang (Zh?ng Lìq?ng / ??? / ??? / Zhang Liqing) was born in Changyi (near Qingdao), Shandong Province, China, on October 5, 1936. When ...

guardian 02/25/08 04:02:07pm

Pinyin: based on sound principles
Pinyin: based on sound principles

Tania Branigan meets 102-year-old Zhou Youguang, credited with helping millions of Chinese to read and write

asiaone 02/11/08 12:00:00am

Hanyu pinyin system turns 50

BEIJING - HANYU pinyin, or the Chinese phonetic system, is 50 years old today. One billion Chinese in China have used it to learn Mandarin since ...

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